Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reading Ideas

To help build your child's reading skills, try to read to your child everyday.   Finding time can be a challenge, but it only takes 10-15 minutes each night to help build your child's reading skills.  You can read with your child before bed, read while you wait for dinner to cook, or have your child read to you when they are riding in the car.  Take turns reading with your child, you read a page and they can read the next page.  Make reading fun!  When reading use different voices for different characters.  Your child will love listening to you read, because it's you!
Most children know what they like to read.  Allow your children to choose their own books, but you can also choose books.  Take this opportunity to introduce new books to your child.  Introduce books they would not normally choose like nonfiction or poetry.
Increase comprehension by asking your child questions about what they are reading.  Ask your child questions about characters, main idea,  and events.  If you are reading to your child, be sure to ask them questions or let them ask you questions.