Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Joys of the Classroom

 After BRI testing and Kindergarten testing, we identified those students who qualified for Title I services.  Title eligibility notices have been sent to parents, if you have not received your notice please contact the school.  During Title I Reading services the instruction focuses on reading fluency,  accuracy, and comprehension.  We also teach students word solving strategies to help them solve unknown words when reading.  This week in 1st grade we focused on letter sounds c, m, t, and s.  Our sight words were go, on, and the.  We read two short stories in our leveled readers, practicing fluency and accuracy.  In 2nd grade this week we focused on short vowels a and i.  Our sight words this week were bought, roll, and front.  We enjoyed reading Cats Near and Far, a leveled reader about different kinds of cats.  In 3rd grade we read a nonfiction story, From Tadpole to Frog.  Our vocabulary words were; escape, center, spawn, fully, lungs, and gills.  Our goal when learning new vocabulary is for the students to be able to read the words and know the appropriate definition, understand the meaning.  In 3rd grade we focus more on comprehension, understanding what we read. 

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